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Reviews of half sewn

“The really impressive choreography between the trio was intuitive and connected, this, coupled with the costumes, made for something very young, fresh, sensual and actually quite bold” – Fenella Ryan, Artistic Director Non-Applicables Dance Collective 

 “It felt like it was growth and acceptance of womanhood. The womb, the child, the sexualisation and the acceptance of age. The direct eye contact the performers gave confronted the audience with their vulnerability. A phenomenal experience which immersed you as a viewer into a constantly changing and ethereal space” – Alice Farrall, Writer  

 “The whole piece felt like a journey of women travelling together through some kind of uneven terrain with the length of the journey and time already passed being symbolized by the overturning of the cups. We started watching this ritual from the outskirts and somehow end up not only being a part of it but being watched ourselves. The piece ends with a very powerful scene where there is sudden physical touch and connection with the audience after them being confined for most of the work. This role reversal is very marking and commanding” –Merritt Millman, Choreographer/Filmmaker

Reviews of It just sort of happens one day

"The performance was captivating. The movements were fittingly confusing and felt almost trapped, which was mimicked by Sebastian Lobbers original score. The most effective aspect was the use of the lights and shadows. The arrangement of the lights in relation to the movements of both the soloist and the audience created a mesmerising light effect on the wall. This caused a dream like state where focus drifted between performer, shadows and the observation the other spectators" - Fenella Ryan, Artistic Director Non Applicables Dance Collective

"The piece seamlessly sculpted the audience, with the performer taking ownership of the space as well as giving the audience agency and room to play within it. The element of storytelling was endearing and the performer drew us into her world. This use of alternative performance methods is really digging into something interesting" -Jay Yule, Choreographer


Reviews of thrive workshops

“What you do is so important at a crucial stage in their lives - encouraging them to think of their bodies in a positive, confident way; helping them to be expressive and strong and unafraid. It's not to be underestimated, and you deserve to feel proud of the effect you have on them" – Rebecca Front, Actress

"I've gained new confidence in my creativity and have liked getting to make my own choreography" - Sonny

​"The atmosphere is that of a family" -Carmel


"I've learned that dance can bring people together and is a way to make new friends" -Chloe


 "Sarah encourages me in an easy and relaxed atmosphere to move in places that haven’t moved in a long time.  Sarah shows me movements suitable to my ability and makes a supportive environment where I don’t feel inadequate or under pressure to perform. My posture, gait and confidence have really improved with a great feeling of achievement" - Jill

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