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We offer a range of opportunities for schools, higher education and individuals including bespoke workshops, choreographic intensives and creations, audition preparation and GCSE exam support. Everything we do is tailor made to suit the group or individual's needs with the aim to inspire and support each person we work with.

Our workshops can be tailored to many different groups and can be adapted to participants of all ages and dance ability, starting at five years of age. This may include:

  • Primary and Secondary schools

  • University Dance Students and Recent Graduates

  • Professional Dancers

  • Community Groups

  • Those interested in Dance, Movement or the Creative Process

  • Groups with particular interest in exploring the themes of one of our choreographies (themes include female empowerment, creating a sense of home and climate change/our relationship to nature)


Workshops can include (but not limited to):

  • Wrap around participatory experiences (participatory experiences to accompany and support our performances - 1.5hr workshops to a three or five-day residency. We can adapt content to meet the needs of the learners and organisation)

  • Dance and Movement Workshops (could include learning sections from the choreography, learning dance techniques including contemporary, improvisation and partnering, use the themes in our work as stimulus for creative tasks)

  • Residencies and Curtain Raisers (three to five day residency where participants can create their own performance piece  to perform as a curtain raiser to open our performance at your venue)

  • GCSE Dance Support (support for students preparing for GCSEs with range of activities to support the development of their own choreography)

  • Dance for Film Workshops  (Participants collaborate with each other to choreograph/direct/film a short dance film)

All workshops aim to explore and build confidence and creativity

Whatever your idea is, whether you are looking to set up a big project or are looking for a

one off workshop, get in touch - we'd love to help

What people are saying...

“What you do for young people is so important at a crucial stage in their lives - encouraging them to think of their bodies in a positive, confident way; helping them to be expressive and strong and unafraid. It's not to be underestimated, and you deserve to feel proud of the effect you have on them" -Rebecca Front (parent)

"I've learned that dance can bring people together and is a way to make new friends" -Chloe  (student)

'Sarah encourages me in a relaxed atmosphere to stretch in places that haven’t moved in a long time. Sarah shows things that are  suitable to my ability, I don’t feel inadequate or under pressure to perform. My posture and gait has really improved with a great feeling of achievement' -Jill (adult student)


"The students you work with come away with a skillset and varied choreographies. These experiences prepare young dancers for this most rigorous of professions” -Sue (teacher)

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