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oh, and one more thing... (2016)

How do you organise yourself within a system? In or out? Back or forth? Two dancers journey within the landscape of boundaries, deciding how to work within or against the structure.

Choreographed and Performed by Sarah Poekert and Lisa Colette Bysheim 
An exchange between London, England and Bergen, Norway
Original Light Design by Eirik lie Hegre
Orignial Music Played Live by Mads Solberg 
Created with support from Bergen Dansesenter regionalt Kompetansesenter for Dans
Presented at The Place as part of Resolutions 2017
​" underground world, highlighted with pools of light that seem to stream in from streets above... Slicing in and out of the smoky windows of light that come and go as the pair repeat fragmented motifs" - The Wonderful World of Dance
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