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unfurled (2022)

Concept and Choreography

Sarah Poekert



Amy Foskett & Georgia Fletcher

Original Score 

Sebastian Lobbers



Devised with creative input from the performers as part of the

One Year Residency at Space Clarence Mews with mentoring from Caroline Salem

Matt Warner

“I felt like it was a piece full of listening – quiet and peaceful yet powerful. That it was something living and breathing, and I shared the space with nature and the dancers. It felt like the women had grown up and out of the soil themselves. The spoil hinted at the end of humans as lead species and giving space for the earth to breathe and grow again.” - Audience Member 

“I felt the texture of the earth under my feet, giving me a sense of grounding of my body and of the illumination of the subject. I LOVED this connection to nature. It made so much sense for me, it was absolutely communicated from the outset and I was totally gripped by it. It had a global and personal feel to it and there was a sense of being totally safe in the journey I was being taken on.” - Audience Member 

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