Encouraging the importance of ‘easeful, mindful, efficiency of motion which simultaneously promotes health, balance, and mental wellbeing’ 
(Sally Sevey Fitt in Dance Kinesiology)

Classes focus on dance, yoga, ballet, and Pilates based movements as well as guided meditation and breathing exercises. This stimulates strength building, stretching, and mindful relaxation to promote the reduction of stress and tension in the body and mind. Using simple strengthening exercises and stretches, the class helps to get rid of bad habits and make the body and mind stronger.

 Benefits Include:

  • Stress relief and management

  • Improved strength, muscle tone, and posture

  • Better coordination

  • Breakdown of emotional tension stored in the muscles

  • Increased mobility, flexibility, and body awareness

  • Improvement of bad habits that have negative effects on the body

  • Suitable for any age and ability 

First Class only £5! 
Drop In £15
Course of 4 weeks  £60
Course of 8 weeks  £105

Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm 

Finchley Catholic High School Performing Arts Centre N12 8TA

Classes are payable by cash or bank transfer only. Each lesson must be booked in advance due. The classes are designed to run as a course where each week the material will alter as you progress through the movements. However, drop-ins are also welcome. To book your space please call 07907 536 650.

What people are saying...


'Sarah encourages me in an easy and relaxed atmosphere to stretch in places that haven’t moved in a long time.  Sarah shows me stretches and positions suitable to my ability, I don’t feel inadequate or under pressure to perform. My posture and gait has really improved with a great feeling of achievement' 


 ‘Sarah’s class really has helped me a lot. I breathe better and am not nearly as tense as before'


'The class offers a very different, refreshing dimension to stretching/toning. Sarah explains every move in detail and always offers alternatives. For a runner, this class is very beneficial with regards to  undertaking a proper safe stretch, and again very welcome after sitting at a desk all day'